Age Cut-Off Dates and Divisions


    Youth Sports

    Age Cut-off Dates

    What is it? This is the standard used to determine starting and ending ages of players. The player must be or turn a certain age before the age cutoff date to be eligible to participate in the league and/or a particular age division. For each sport, the age cutoff date moves. This is to allow younger children the opportunity to play, and it allows others to move up in age divisions. Each division is separated by age.

    Age cutoff dates:

    • Basketball/Cheerleading - 1 January
    • Baseball - 1 April
    • Soccer/Start Smart - 1 September
    • Flag Football - 1 October


    • Soccer
      Start Smart: 4 or turning 4 by cut off date, Freshmen: 5-6, Juniors: 7-8, Intermediate: 9-10*, Majors: 11-13*
      Season: August-October
    • Basketball/Cheerleading
      Start Smart Basketball: 4 or turning 4 by cut off date, Peewees: 5-6, Bantam: 7-9, Juniors: 10-12
      Season: January-March
    • Baseball
      Start Smart: 4 or turning 4 by cut off date, T-Ball: 5-6, Coachpitch: 7-8, Minors: 9-10*, Majors: 11-12*
      Season: April-May
    • Flag Football/Flag Cheerleading
      Age Groups: 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-13
    • *These age divisions may have to be combined.


    • British Soccer Camp Session I: June
    • British Soccer Camp Session II: July/August
    • Flag Football Camp: July
    • Cheer and Hip Hop Camp: July
    • Basketball Camp: August
    • Preseason Basketball Camp: November/December