Mission and Rules


    Youth Sports

    Quantico Co-ed/Inclusive Youth Sports are recreational/instructional leagues. Our first priority is fair and equal play for all youth athletes. All players get equal time on the field and/or court regardless of skill level. Once this is achieved, our next focus is on teaching teamwork as well as building and/or improving sports skills.

    All of our coaches are volunteers. This means that not all teams will be starting their practices on the same day. Historically, we get the majority of our coaches when they register their child. However, to get the entire number of coaches needed, we may have to call parents and try to recruit coaches. Teams without coaches will be dissolved and registration fees will be refunded.

    If you have questions about the Youth Sports program, please call or e-mail the Youth Sports office: 703.784.9756 or boothkl@usmc-mccs.org.  Youth sports info hotline 703-784-5637.

    Any complaints about the program, coaches, officials, etc. need to be put in writing and taken to the Youth Sports Office at Barber Gym.


    Intent and Purpose of Rules


    The restrictions which the rules place upon players are intended to:

    • Create a balance of play
    • Provide equal opportunity between the offense and the defense
    • Provide equal opportunity between the smaller player and the larger
    • Provide reasonable safety and protection
    • Create an atmosphere of sportsmanship and fair play
    • Emphasize cleverness and skill without unduly limiting the freedom of action of an individual or team play, on either offense or defense


    Our Philosophy


    Enjoyment of the game is what is important to the children. When the game ceases to be fun, it ceases to be a game. In these leagues, undue stress must not be placed on winning, but on participation. We urge parents and insist that coaches not put pressure on the children to win, but attempt to teach them to play to the best of their ability as long as they enjoy it.

    A successful season is one in which a child improves their skills, learns new skills, and/or just tries to apply the lessons learned in practice. Adults should make every effort to set a proper example by their actions; to applaud all players, never yelling at any player or any team; to show sportsmanship by enjoying victory without "rubbing it in" and accepting defeat without making excuses; and to remember that this is nothing more than a game of children's basketball / baseball / soccer.