About SMP

The Single Marine Program exists to improve the Quality of Life for Single Marines and Sailors aboard MCB Quantico. We focus on the young, single, enlisted Marine or Sailor, although we also welcome geographical bachelors, single parents, and single officers.

The Marine Corps conducted a Quality Of Life study in 1993. Results showed that 43% of young, single Marines were dissatisfied with their overall quality of life, and with leisure activities that were available to them. Because such dissatisfaction negatively affects all areas of life— including retention, job performance, and personal readiness— the Marine Corps established the Single Marine Program in 1995. Program goals include:

  • Improving Quality of Life
  • Enhancing Recreational Opportunities
  • Encouraging Community Involvement

Your Quality Of Life is important to us, but we need your ideas and concerns to be effective in providing for your unique needs. The Single Marine Program has been created for YOU.