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Marine Corps COOL Voucher Application


How to begin using Marine Corps COOL:


To begin, please visit:

1)            Select Enlisted Search

2)            Search for credentials by:

a.            Your MOS or,

b.            Your MOS Title or,

c.             Your Apprenticeship or,

d.            Specifically by the name of the credential or,

e.            Specifically by the name of the credentialing agency

3)            You will be taken to a page with a summary of your MOS description and a drop down list of credentials related to your MOS, occupations related to your MOS, and additional information and continuing education related to your MOS.

4)            You also have the option of viewing State Licensures and Apprenticeship information related to your MOS

5)            Click on the credential name to learn more about the specific credential and what is required to apply

6)            Types (of credentials that are covered by the COOL program)

a.            "S"-Credentials based on "Skills" possibly gained through MOS

b.            "D"- Credentials directly related to MOS

7)            Once you have met the requirements for the credentials and you are prepared to take the credentialing exam, please print and fill out the voucher request form attached and submit it to:

a.            Email- or,

b.            Fax- Comm: 850-452-6897; DSN: 459-6897


For additional questions, you may contact the Quantico Education Center or Mr. Robert Wade at