Marine & Family

Behavioral Health Programs

Community Counseling Center

The Community Counseling Program utilizes a holistic approach to help people overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges.

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The Consolidated Substance Abuse Counseling Center (CSACC) provides both outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico.

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Physical Fitness

The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is a congressionally mandated program intended to prevent and reduce the incidence of family violence, helping to create an environment of intolerance for such behavior.

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New Parent Support Program

The New Parent Support Program (NPSP) is an intensive prevention and outreach program that offers in-home visits, parenting education, support groups, and information and referral for the Marine Corps community who are expecting a child or who are parenting young children up to six years of age.

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Family Care


The Children and Youth Program (CYP) consists of the Child Development Center, Family Child Care, The Quantico Youth Center, and the School-Age Care Program.

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Exceptional Family Member Program

The Marine Corps Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory program, MCO 1754.4B, for Marines with families members with exceptional needs.

School Liaison
New Parent Support Program

The mission of the School Liaison is to utilize community-based resources to enhance the academic learning environment of military school age children as they navigate the transitions unique to the military lifestyle.

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Family Readiness


Marine Corps Family Team Building

The Mission of Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB) is to foster personal growth and enhance the readiness of Marine Corps families, which will enable them to understand and successfully meet the challenge of the Marine Corps lifestyle.

FOCUS Program

Families OverComing Under Stress (FOCUS) is a program designed to train military families, couples, and children to use strength-based resiliency skills to meet many of the challenges and stressors commonly experienced in the military.



Personal and Professional Development

Volunteer Education Center

The Voluntary Education Center (VEC) offers a variety of free educational services to Active Duty Military, family members, civilian employees and Reservists.

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I & R
FOCUS Program

Information and Referral creates and maintains databases of programs and services, and then disseminates that information through a variety of means to individuals and communities.

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Personal Financial Management Program

The Personal Financial Management Program (PFMP) provides free personal financial education, training, counseling, and information and referral. These services are also available for unit training.

Transition Readiness

Transition Readiness (TR) assists retiring or separating military personnel and their family members in their search for employment.

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Family Member Employment Assistance Program

The Mission of the Family Member Employment Assistance Program (FMEAP) is to provide Comprehensive Employment Related Services to Military Spouses and other Family Members and empower military spouses with the tools necessary to achieve their goals through Career, Educational, Life Goals, or Volunteerism.



Personal Financial Management Program

The Retired Activities Office (RAO) provides information and assistance to retirees of all branches of the US Armed Forces, their spouses, widows and widowers, regarding the benefits and entitlements they earned by their honorable and faithful service to our nation.

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Quantico Base Library
Quantico Base Library

The Quantico Base Library is located in the Alfred M. Gray Research Center at 2040 Broadway Street. Patron parking is located across the street.

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