Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP)

PREP is a research-based approach to teach couples (premarital and marital) how to communicate effectively, work as a team to solve problems, manage conflicts without damaging closeness, and preserve and enhance commitment and friendship. PREP is a fresh approach based on 20 years of research in the field of marital health. PREP is delivered by qualified and appropriately PREP-trained personnel.

Many couples are as committed as ever to having a successful, happy relationship, but sometimes they find attaining that goal difficult. Often they lack the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the relationship they really want. PREP is for couples interested in strengthening their marriage by improving their communication and problem-solving skills.  The program is designed to teach couples communication skills and ground rules for handling conflict and promoting intimacy, with the aim of preventing future marital problems and divorce.

Who is eligible for PREP?
All military (active and reserve) and, upon referral, DoD civilian employee couples (premarital and married). Please contact us at 703-784-2014 for more information or to register for an upcoming session.