Group Exercise

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    Quantico Physical Fitness offers a wide range of Group Exercise classes. Including exercise sessions that will maximize your time and help you get results.  For more information on the group exercise program, contact the group exercise program coordinator at 784-2339.


    Classes Offered

    Spin Cycle, Zumba, Cardio Barre, Yoga, B.E.S.T., and WellBeats.

    Group Exercise Fees

    • Active Duty & Reservists FREE.
    • Family Members & Retirees $25 per month. *$18 half month.
    • DoD Civilians $35 per month. *$25 half month.
    • Daily Drop-In $5 per class/Pro-rating fees not available.
      (guest must pay another $5 facility fee)
    • Contractor Fees: Monthly pass (to use facility)$40
      Group Exercise $40
      Monthly Pass Group Exercise $60.
    • Half month prices are ONLY applied starting the 15th of the month.

    Please see front desk for payment information.

    Group Exercise Room Use

    The room may be used individually or as a group.  The room is available when there are no classes scheduled.  However, it is best to check with the front desk, as other groups may have made a reservation to use the room.

    The following guidelines must be followed when using the Group Exercise Room:

    • Sign-in at the front desk.
    • Room use is not available during Group Exercise classes
    • The stereo in the room is strictly for Group Exercise class usage only.
    • The equipment can be used but must be thoroughly cleaned and returned to its original place when finished

    Respect the wood floor; NO dropping of heavy equipment or Olympic lifting is allowed



    Unit PT

    Unit PT's can be scheduled by calling the Group Ex Coordinator at 703.784.2339 or email

    Units must have at least 5 participants. Specific formats can be requested. More than one unit may be scheduled for the same time slot, depending on space available.