Barber Physical Activity Center (BPAC)

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    Authorized Users: Active Duty Military, MCINCR-MCBQ PMO Civilians, and Fire Department personnel only.
    Sun: 5:30 PM - 4 AM
    Mon-Thur: 8:30 PM - 4 AM
    Fri: 8:30 PM - 7 AM
    Sat: 5:30 PM - 8 AM


    The Barber Physical Activity Center (BPAC) is a 57,000 square foot facility that houses Physical Fitness, Health Promotion and Athletics. The facility offers a large variety of recreational opportunities with a 9,600 square foot fitness deck, group exercise room, spin studio, mat room, three racquetball courts and one full-sized basketball court. It also offers a TV and Wi-Fi lounge, smoothie bar, locker rooms and separate saunas for men and women.



    Parking is available at BPAC and is adjacent parking lots across the street at Barnett Field and next to Butler Stadium.


    All patrons must present proper identification to enter BPAC. 100% ID check. Exception: Active Duty in uniform (this does not include PT uniform green-on-green). Patrons are required to present their IDs to the customer service front desk staff and log in on the touch screen to identify eligibility.


    Contractors working aboard MCB Quantico may access BPAC for a Daily Fee - $5.00 or Monthly Fee - $40.00.

    Monthly Locker Fee - $15.00

    (Available for DoD, Retirees, Family Members, and Contractors assigned to MCB Quantico.)